Patron Companies

The Patron Companies are large conglomerates comprised of workers, who produce raw materials, tradesmen, who convert these materials into goods, merchants across the sea who sell these goods, and a few captains of industry, who manage all of it.

Each company has a stake in certain dominions, due to their material wealth, and this could be called their chief dominion. If one not directly contracted with the company, or on an otherwise chartered vessel, seeks passage to another dominion, they must take it up with the company who is chief in that dominion.

For example: I am currently in Parna. I wish to travel to Raques’port. I contact the Passage Authority in Parna, who tells me that the Patron Company who sits chief in Raques’port is the Bulwark Bark Lumber Company.

I need to find the Bulwark Bark Lumber Company representative in Parna. She will give me a task to complete for the company, in exchange for the right to pass into Raques’port. While it may seem tedious to complete a task for each new land, remember that it will allow you to travel TO there from ANY dominion you may currently be in.

What follows is a list of the Patron Companies.

Patron Companies

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